Busty women can seduce men easily compared to skinny one

When we talk about the seduction, then most of the people have this assumption or opinion that skinny women can seduce a man easily compared to their busty counterpart. However, the fact is just opposite of this and men get more attraction and feeling of seduction for busty women instead of skinny one. I know, you would not accept this opinion without any logical explanation and I can share few of my opinion with you.

Busty sexy escorts

If you ever hired some sexy escorts, then you’d know most of these women are not very slim or skinny. Most of them are actually busty and they get a lot of clients as well for the work. If busty women cannot seduce more men then chances would be zero that escorts that fit this criterion get work or clients. Yet many escorts get a lot of work and they get a lot of appreciation as well from their clients.

And if we talk about the features or qualities because of which busty women from X London Escorts can seduce more men, then we can list many of those features. They have big assets like bigger boobs, deep cleavage line, and hips that make them very attracting and sexy. Other than this, busty women can look sexy in all kind of dresses as well. That is one more thing because of which they look more attractive to men and they can seduce them as well.

All the busty women including hot escorts know how to feel proud on their curves. If a woman is confident about her body, then she can easily seduce any man. Escorts know this and many other ladies with bigger curves also understand this fact. So, if you are still assuming that only skinny ladies can seduce a man, then you need to correct and change your opinion right away.

Best Ages For Escorts

Best Ages For Escorts

When hiring the services of an escort, you are looking for enjoyment and there are certain things you need to take into consideration in order to get maximum enjoyment. Apart from agreeing on the terms, you need to take into consideration the particular escort. How old she is, and her color as well as what she will agree to do. According to a survey of a number of men who have hired escorts, the age of the escort contributes greatly towards the enjoyment that the client has. Here are some of the reasons that age contributes to enjoyment when you hire an escort.


When you hire an escort, many times you will want one who is attractive, someone you will not mind being seen with in public and one who if you went to a party or club with, your friends will be envious of you. Age will play a big part in how beautiful your escort will be. Let us face it, the younger the escort, the more attractive they will look. Young escorts/adult between 18 and 24 years have that young look on their face, they have fewer or even no blemishes on their faces, those worry lines and frown lines have not yet taken effect on their face so they still look attractive and beautiful.


Part of the enjoyment is being able to have adventure and the age of an escort can influence how open she is to trying out new things. At 18 to 24 years, most escorts are still learning a lot both about life and about the business. It is much easier to go out and dance the whole night with a younger escort who may get tired much faster or may have a bad experience that will prevent her from doing certain things. If sex is part of the deal, younger escorts will also be more willing to try out crazy styles which makes it more fun, you also do not fill intimidated if you do not know that much since they too may not be as experienced as you.


Your enjoyment will depend on you getting an escort with the right body. For most men, the right body is about well-rounded boobs, curves in the right places and not too big, not too small. You may want an escort just for companionship or it could be for something more. Whatever the case, it is much more enjoyable if she has a great body and the best bodies are found on younger escorts around the ages of 18 to 24.

Sometimes it is also a matter of color. Different men will have different taste in color and finding the color that appeals to you the most will play a part in your enjoyment of escorts/adult. You should always take these into consideration. Certain colors have more curves than others and some are more adventurous than others. So if you want to hire an escort of your choice, visit at pleasure-escorts.com.